Now Joint-Stock Company "Odessakonditer" produces more than 250 kinds of confectionery.

High quality guarantee is a legacy of tradition, creative imagination of the best confectioners, unique technological secrets, natural high-quality of products and modern packing materials.

Producing the high quality products contributes to the process of constant technical updating of production.
The highly-tech equipment supplied by leading European manufacturers and chosen individually for Joint-Stock Company "Odessakonditer". Particularly in the production were put into operation the next equpment:

Completely automated line of firm «Ramisch Kleinewefers», «Bosch Group»

Germany origin, designed to produce a prolonged cookies and packaging in bags (Zoological, Bukvarik, Veseli-vedmezhata).

Completely automated line of firm "Bindler"

Germany origin, designed for the production of candies such as "Assorti" and long bars with fillings (Kamilla, Giokonda, Madonna, Roksolana, Ovatsiya, Vizavi, Retro, Maestro, Dikaya Vishnya, Bakon in chocolate).

Completely automated, mechanised line of firm «Kloeckner Haensel»

Germany origin, for the production of new types of caramel diminished form (Vita-lux, Vkusnika, Molochariki, Dzhu-sik, Raduzhnaya, Shantekler).

Modern German line of firm "Sollich", «Theegarten Pactec», «Chocotech»

Germany origin, for the production of chocolate candies and bars. Today at this line produced new kinds of candies based on dried apricots, nougat and soft caramel, enlarged candies, and also dual-layer bars, there are very few analogues of this candies (Frutel, Hit, Formula, Grilyazh molochniy,Vernisaj).

The modern completely automated line of firm "Boehnke luckau" -Germany origin, МС Automations - Italy origin.

This line is designed for the production of original candies such as "Assorti"- premium class, They are different from traditional candies to its unusual combination of white and dark chocolate in one candy, and the line is able to produce candy with the addition of whole hazelnut (Bonsuar).

Firm Imaforni equipment

Italy origin, for the production of sugar cookies, and also sugar cookies with a sprinkling Coffee Break, Tea Time.

Firm Hansa Industrie-Mixer equipment

Germany origin, for the production of Zephyr.

Complex equipment of firm Caotech

Holland origin, for the production of chocolate mass, that allows to get chocolate and chocolate coating of high quality and to improve the general quality of confectionery.

Complex equipment for packing caramel and candies in a branded package, on the equipment of firm Ing. Rudolf Masek - Czech origin, Ishida - Japan origin.

Improves and raises the culture of production and consumption

In 2004 at the enterprise has been developed, documented, introduced and now supported the quality management system, corresponding to the purposes of Joint-Stock Company "Odessaconditer", constructed on the basis of the requirements of international standard ISO 2001-2000 and directed to improve the quality of manufactured confectionery.

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