About chocolate

 In the beginning of sixteenth century almost at the same time Europe has opened for itself unprecedented earlier new exiting and tonisizing - coffee, tea and chocolate.

About 1520 the Chocolate has come to Spain from Southern Mexico, New Spain, in the form of goals and plates. Does not cause surprise that in the Spanish Netherlands it has appeared in 1606, much earlier, rather than in France.

Certainly, as expensive product, chocolate first was delight only for the nobility and royal families. So, Maria Tereza, the wife of the French king Louis the 14th, liked to regale secretly of chocolate - the Spanish habit of which she could not get rid in any way. However, chocolate was considered not only as delight, but also as a medicine. Cardinal DeRishele, the brother of the minister, used it for treatment of his sick spleen. It has received this medical recipe from the Spanish monks. He also became the trendsetter of fashion on chocolate in Paris. About 1657 through France chocolate has reached England.

As well as any subject of fashion, chocolate "Time to time made at court furore or fell into disgrace..."
Certainly, chocolate long time remained luxury and excess. But as the well known French philosopher noticed: "the Man is created by desires, instead of requirement". Therefore, erotic taste of chocolate in culture was felt for a long time.

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