1700 employees of Joint-Stock Company Odessakonditer are rightly proud of their enterprise. Seven technological departments provide the production of 250 kinds confectionary:

  1. Department of Premium-grade candies;
  2. Candy-chocolate department;
  3. Caramel department;
  4. Candy-caramel department;
  5. Wafer department;
  6. Mealy - cream department;
  7. Zephyr - Jelly department.

Production of the factory certified to strict accordance with Ukrainian and Russian standards. In 2004 the system of quality management ISO 9001:2000 was introduced. We can confidently declare that the quality of our products completely corresponds to international standards.

The main accent is made for using only natural raw materials: cocoa-beans, cocoa-butter, cocoa- liquor, cocoa-powder, nuts, dried apricots, raisin, applesauce, dairy products and butter.
Our products are produced under the brand "Lux", is deservedly enjoy wide popularity of our customers and combine high quality and reasonable prices.

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