About candies

The word "candy" is translated from Latin as «the prepared medicine».

The very first have appeared in Egypt. That time the sugar was not known yet, instead of it were used dates and honey. At the East candies were made of almonds and figs, and in ancient Rome they cooked of nuts and poppy seeds with honey and coated by sesame. We had something like candies too: in Ancient Russia them made of maple syrup, treacle and honey.

The most unfairly accused candies – chocolate candies.

In Europe, in XVI century, during the craze of chocolate, it were attributed magic and medical properties. Naturally, if expectations were not justified, it was considered as the source of all the troubles. One young person wrote to her girlfriend: "I Advise you not to eat more chocolate. My acquaintance ate it during pregnancy and bore on absolutely black child".

The most romantic candies.

As the German psychologists think these are candies with a strawberry filling. By the way, resolute people prefer a cherry filling, shy - nut filling, and creative – coconut filling.

The most tempting candies.

In the beginning of XIX-th century even the most rich and noble ladies, being at banquets, discreetly hidden candies in handbags. Such obscene behavior explains simply: in Russia there were no confectionery factories, and each confectioner, for every dinner party, prepared candies under his own recipe which was kept in the strict secret.

The most well-known candies is praline.

They have been invented in 1663. The cook has prepared them specially for the French ambassador in Germany, and till now pralines keep record of sales in Germany and Switzerland.

The biggest box of candies.

Company "Master Fud" has made it for the world wide cooking show. In the box with the width of 1,5 and length of 2,5 meters contained 800 kg of chocolate candies!

The biggest candy

It was candy in the shape of a bear nicknamed as "Hagi-boy" it’s height was 1,68 meters and weight of 633 kg.
It was made by confectioners of the «Gummi Bear Factory». There was used a special form, of 4 tons weigh, for casting this bear The fruit mass were dried for about two weeks, after that it was removed from the form and have been polished to a shine.

The most space candies

In 1995 the Russian astronaut at station "Mir" have asked to send them from the Earth candies. At the CFC had been decided that "Chupa-Chups" candies of will be the most safe in weightlessness. Astronauts with Chupa-Chups have made video, and this infomercial has brought to the company Chupa Chups the glory of an unique candy in the world, popular not only on the Earth, but also in space.

As for the most unusual candies in the world.

These are the Finnish candies. Finns do them sour (without sweet taste), salty (for beer) and even with the taste similar to oil!

The Most Russian candies –is the well-known set «the Bird's milk».

Originally that was the cake, and it was prepared at the enterprise «ROT FRONT». The secret of it’s manufacturing was agar-agar - a jelly which extracts from the seaweed. By the way it is also used for processing textiles.

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