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 Closed Joint Stock Company "Odessa" - one of the largest food enterprises in Odessa city and Ukraine. It has been founded in August 1994 at the basis of the Odessa’s production association of the confectionery industry.

In 1820 at the blind alley of Odessa city the small private enterprise - has been created the first confectionery factory in the south of the country.

In 1918 the factory has been nationalised and became known as the first state confectionery factory where 54800 poods of confectionery were produced.

In 1922 at the desire of workers to it was named in the honor of Rose Luxembourg. In pre-war years at factory have been put in operation: biscuit, caramel department, were attached dietary and halva factories, was built the two-storied case for new candy and halva departments.

Before the Great Patriotic War the factory has turned to one of the largest confectionery enterprises of the country.
In 1941 it was dismantled and equipment of the factory were evacuated to the Novosibirsk where in 1942-43 was built and put in operation Novosibirsk’s chocolate factory.

After the liberation of the city of Odessa in January 1945 the factory has been restored and has started to work by huge efforts of workers and engineers. In post-war years the factory specialised in the production of following confectionery: caramel, dragee, coated and non coated candies, iris, chocolate, jelly, zephyr, cookies, wafers, cakes.

There produced more than 300 kinds of confectionery, some of them created by the Odessa’s confectioners which are recognised by the one of the best – candies: "ODESKI", "ODESSA ACACIA", "RUSHNICHOK", "ТАRAS BULBA", "LUX-SADOK VISHNEVIY", "METEORITE", "PUSHKINSKIY PLATAN" and etc.

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